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About us

About QueryTel


Businesses Since 1995

Starting as a small managed IT services company in 1995, Querytel has evolved as an Industry Leader as a Professional, and Full service managed IT solutions provider.

At Querytel, we swear by three principles while serving our clients, i.e., Continuous Optimization, Continuous Progression, and Excellence. From manufacturing firms, cold storage facilities, Project management firms to engineering and law firms, we have been empowering an ever-growing list of businesses to make their wildest dreams true.

Our skills

QueryTel main skills

Meet our main skills

Managed Services
Web Designer 90%
Cyber and Network Security
Web Designer 79%
Cloud Solution
Web Designer 75%
Hosting and Domain Services
Web Designer 80%

Proud Partners of Over 50 Leading IT Consultants across


Querytel harnesses our deep-rooted and prolonged relationship with our adept IT partners to help our clients. We provide you with wide-ranging and bespoke end-to-end managed IT solutions from ISP selection to individual devices like PCs, printers, and mobile computers.


Solutions and Experience

We at QueryTel invest time to understand the aims and future vision of your business. It helps our IT geniuses strike a perfect balance between technology, modernization, and services required for your business to beat its competitors.

What makes us apart is our first-rate services and connectivity, and hardware at discounted rates.


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