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Managed Services

Why ‘QueryTel’?

Still, Using Outdated Methods to Safeguard Your Critical Data?

Here is how Querytel can help you.


Starting from $40/User

Managed Services Includes:

Desktop/Notebook PCs Includes: (5×9, 2 HR Remote Delivery, NBD on site*)- OS optimization – Antivirus – Defragmentation- Yearly cleaning of system for unwanted programs- Secure Remote Desktop and online Support.

Server (5×9, 2 HR Remote Delivery, NBD*)- Move add Users.- Scheduled Daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly backup – Server monitoring of server logs for intrusion- Server alarm monitoring- Weekly reports on past alarms, threats, and complete logs. – Remote Support and deployment for all upgrades- Onsite support if required

24 HR Firewall Device monitoring.

Secure Remote Desktop & On-Site Support

Office Connect

IP Telephone System

Cloud Services & Security

Desktop/Notebooks, Servers & Network Equipments

Fiber & Wireless Connectivity

We Monitor the IT Infrastructure of Your Business While Your Competitors are Fast Asleep

Yes, Querytel offers exclusive 24 hours helpdesk support to all our clients. It means that a dedicated team of IT masters is always available if you need any IT support 24 hours a day.

We use HIPAA-compliant support software for mission-critical infrastructure as we believe in providing the very best to our clients.

Cyber Security Live Monitoring:

Your Security Is Our


In 2021, organizations have to spend $13.0 million in case of cybercrime on average. In 2020, Canadians reported over 63,000 cyber incidents.

These statistics are horrifying. That’s why we have decided to provide live cyber security monitoring to businesses, as research suggests that most companies detect cyber-attacks after months.

Our cyber security solutions include SEIM (Security Event Information Management) based on monitoring and notifying services, patches detection & analysis, ethical hacking for testing, and regular expert-led cybersecurity evaluations.

Insured for


Our in-house server, cloud, cybersecurity, and network experts embody only the highest level of professionalism and etiquette. But, we still allocate a standing $5 million liability insurance for any project or service provided by us so that our clients can rest assured any damage or injury incurred onsite happens without incident.

Offensive and Defensive Safety Services

At QueryTel, we offer all of our clients the option to store their critical business data in the heart of the GTA in Toronto at 151 Front Street: in a state-of-the-art facility with temperature, security, and power redundancies.

Online Appointments

Want higher productivity, competence, agility, and competitive benefit for your business?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed markets and caused new buying behaviors. A state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is more vital than ever.

An outdated IT infrastructure results in connection failures; thereby, your workflow suffers from the incapability to gauge and respond.

In your quest to meet your company’s objectives and beat your competitors, you feel overwhelmed and vulnerable with the issues in your IT systems.

It’s time to refresh and renew your IT infrastructure with our help!

Free On-site Consultation

Our onsite network assessment identifies the equipment and infrastructure that needs to be improved or upgraded and reviews existing or potential performance issues. If we discover such problems during the network assessment, we can provide a detailed plan to resolve the problem while optimizing your overall network performance for maximum efficiency.

Remember, A state of the art IT infrastructure is the lifeline of a thriving, innovative and unstoppable business.

Our Services

Cashing in Cloud Technology: From Vulnerable to Unbreachable

Yes, Cloud technology minimizes the risk of security breaches. Learn more about how our cloud services and security can help your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

cloud backup 2


cloud migration


cloud security

Are You Spending a Lot of Cash on your Team’s Collaboration?

Our Office Connect software is what you need.

It provides you with a full-scale office phone and internet service without breaking the bank, so you can spend your hard-earned money on what matters!

Don’t Let Email Break Your Bank

Do you have any idea how much time and money you waste while worrying about your email services? Contrary to what you think, our managed hosted exchange solutions are easy to set up, use and scale.

No, the price is not higher. WE only charge a low recurring OPEX fee. Our superheroes have set up and managed Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, BroadSoft OnPrem, and Hosted Pbx’s systems for many happy clients.

Don’t Frustrate your Customers with Low-quality Calls

Update your VoIP Origination service with our first-rate SIP Trunking and SIP termination Solutions.

We Perform All the Hard Work to Accelerate Your Organization


Make your Business Ultra Secure with Technical Support/ Remote Support

Today’s world is digitally connected. Businesses have to be extra cautious about the security of their critical data and the confidential information of their users.

Get peace of mind today with our onsite and remote support available for all employees with 15-minute response times via HIPAA compliant support tool ‘LogMeIn Rescue’ software.

We will be your committed partner as we uphold rigorous technical and structural safety practices.

Hold secure remote sessions with our two-step verification log-in and highest security protocols.

Generate More Revenue with IT Strategy Planning

Your business generates more revenue and reaches new markets when performing at its peak seamlessly. Anyone who thinks that they can achieve it with more hard work lives in a fool’s paradise.

In today’s fast-paced IT-driven world, you need an optimized IT infrastructure, but it needs a hefty amount of money.

Here is where we come to your rescue. We offer top-of-the-line products and services while reducing the overall cost of IT infrastructure.

What makes us stand among the other IT vendors?

We contemplate your technology context deeply to synchronize your connectivity, system safety, and infrastructure.

 Hundreds of organizations across Canada trust our IT strategy planning services and are flourishing with our tailored and intelligent technology portfolio.

Save your Day with Network and Email System Monitoring

It’s 1 pm, and your workers are busy completing their tasks in the office. Suddenly, one of your networking components fails, and all your operations come to a halt.

This situation severely impacts your business as your clients or customers are furious with the halted services. It destroys your company’s reputation.

Or, far worse, someone leaks your emails from inside or outside the organization. Your emails contain business secrets, copyrights, and business accounts.

The only way to save yourself from the above-mentioned dire situations is to proactively and continuously monitor your networks and emails.

Is it time-consuming and costly? Yes, if you try to do that by yourself.

Fortunately, our network and email monitoring services are here to save you.

We remotely monitor your servers, routers, VMs, firewalls, and switches to avoid budding system failures and interrupted services with proactive communication.


Revitalize your Business with Professional IT Consultation

We evaluate and assess your existing network and system to identify the equipment and infrastructure that needs to be improved or upgraded and review current or potential performance issues.

If we discover such issues during the network assessment, we can provide a detailed plan to resolve the problem while optimizing your overall network performance for maximum efficiency.

Negotiate, Optimize Upgrade/downgrade services on the customer’s behalf—recommendation on new products and services.

Move, Add or Change (MAC)

Businesses have to set up a hardware component and a software piece to complete a deployment project. Finishing a project on time is quite a challenge as different suppliers fail to collaborate.

We understand your problem. It takes you longer times to finish a project, and you often miss deadlines given by the clients.

Please get rid of this issue today with our MAC services. Our dedicated account representatives schedule location changes for existing or new equipment in advance, and our specialized systems engineers closely monitor the process.

Break-fixes and Installation on one phone call

Business gets disrupted by just one issue in the IT systems. Unplanned downtime impacts your staff’s productivity negatively.

Get our premium same-day on-call service for critical IT-related issues and enjoy uninterrupted business operations.

On your one phone call, our expert IT technician will be at your doorstep in a few hours. By analyzing the issues, he will provide installation and maintenance services as needed.

Untangling the Procurement Process

Your Website Can Make or Break Your Reputation

Yes, because 85% of customers visit a business’s website before making a buying decision.

It all starts with your idea

Throw a curveball and tell us what you envision for your new site via our online interview. Our experts love new challenges.

Monitor your site along the way with 24/7 access to your Design Manager. View designs, send files and leave feedback.

Keep your site fresh without having to make changes yourself. Our staff will make 30 minutes of updates every month, at your request.

FREE extras! Every plan includes our world-class web hosting, Search Engine Visibility, and more.

No setup fees. Your Website, Design Service subscription, covers everything you need to keep your site online and thriving.

Promote your business with a professionally designed Facebook page, including monthly updates (optional).

Get more than just a website

Includes hosting, marketing automation, and more!  Our Design Team knows just what it takes to build an eye-catching, effective website. Includes free tools to get your site noticed. Are you selling products? We also build e-commerce websites! 

How Its Works

Our design team invests in your success.

With our Website Design Service, we don’t just hand you a generic website and send you on your way. We listen to you to make sure your site reflects your style. We help you gain new customers by optimizing your site for maximum exposure. We even keep your site up to date –call us, and we’ll change your text or update your images.

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