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Intrusion Prevention

Criminals Are Constantly ‘Honing’ Their Skills!!!

Are you well equipped to secure your well-built business from unwanted intrusions?

ACCESS CONTROL: Don’t Compromise on Protection

Yes, business protection is essential; that is why you should never ignore it.

Secure your office building or industrial site, warehouse, residential areas with our Access Control Systems. Control and monitor entry and exits from the door or main gates through our access systems. Our altered solutions allow you to control the crimes, entry of unauthorized persons, enhance the security of office staff, and many more.

We Have Got Your Industry Covered



According to estimates, construction companies in Canada lose half a billion dollars annually due to stolen equipment and goods from the site.
To protect your company, get Live Video Monitoring to save your projects from unwanted intrusions!

Shopping Centre & Retail


Shopping center and retail sector crimes are on a high. You need advanced equipment to catch intruders.
Get proactive shopping center monitoring solutions with the ability to actively watch site activities in real-time and use specialized com-systems to inform trespassers that you have spotted them and authorities are on the way.

Office & Commercial


Hiring security guards ask for a lot of money and is still not very effective.

Get Live Video Monitoring along with gate and building access control to protect your office from unwanted intrusions!

Automotive Dealerships


The automotive dealership sector faces record burglary, property harm, and other hazards as people can easily see their high-valued inventory.
Get a customized security solution that starts with Live Video Monitoring. Start today by asking an expert above.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Worker man with yellow helmet and ear protection typing keyboard of laptop computer at factory

Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights can only do so much.
You need to control entry and exit to your factory and allow access to workers built on security approval and plan. It limits undesirable visitors while at the same time monitoring presence and movement throughout the office.
Get your customized access control and site-wide monitoring system today!

Distribution & Logistics

distribution and logistics

Cargo theft is a real problem and costs companies billions of dollars every year. Protect your valuable inventory while enhancing your site-wide monitoring and access control capabilities with QueryTel’s Video Monitoring and access control systems!

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