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FortiAnalyzer is powerful log management, analytics, and reporting platform, providing organizations with single-pane orchestration, automation, and response for simplified security operations, proactive identification and remediation of risks, and complete visibility of the entire attack surface.

Fabric Analytics & Reporting

Central Logging & Reporting for Fortinet




Features and Benefits

Reduce time to detection by leveraging Indicator of Compromise (IOC) service to quickly identify threat across your network

Automatically backs up the FortiAnalyzer database to up to four nodes in a cluster that can be geographically dispersed for disaster recovery. One of the secondary nodes can easily become a primary node.

Provides hundreds of pre-built reports and templates which are regulation-specific to make proving compliance easy.

Reduces complexity and cost leveraging automation enabled via REST API, scripts, connectors, and automation stiches.

Provides turn-key integration with no extra charge for trusted partner products such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, ServiceNow, Tufin, and AlgoSec.

Separate customer data and manage domains leveraging ADOMs to be compliant and operationally effective.

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