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Do You Love Challenging the Normal every day?

If Yes, then you are like us. It means that you can join our team.

What We Look For In a potential Team Member?

Exceeds Customer’s Expectations

Our team members wow our clients with their hard work, passion, and flair. If you can deliver those results to our customers that they have never experienced anywhere else, then you are welcome.


We want to hire such employees who can offer creative solutions to any technical problem that comes their way.

Take on New Challenges

We love people who challenge the status quo and like enhancing their skills, innovating, and taking restrained risks.


We want workers who take complete responsibility for their tasks, always knowing that the staff will always support them.

An unsatisfied Soul

All our team members are always finding ways to flourish and learn. If you are also a person who is never satisfied with their current skills and expertise and constantly seeking ways to improve, then we need you.

Why Choose QueryTel?

We compensate our employees with competitive pays and first-rate medical and dental expenses for self, spouse, and kids.

We offer generous maternal and paternal leaves for new parents.

We offer ten paid leaves to our employees so that they can replenish their energies.

We aim to educate our team members so that they can thrive in their respective fields.

So, we happily provide coaching events, yearly raining grants depending upon your tenure.

To refresh our minds and rejuvenate our energies, we make time for celebrations.

Our business get-togethers, frequent team outings, birthday and anniversary presents show our lighter side.

We provide monthly mobile phone compensations.


A Vibrant and Unique Culture


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